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I don't get it ?!?!? What is the bunker I don't think so Ehh what about vocaloids that I like and gravity falls And reverse falls will and Bill yeahhhhhhh

Some people were disappointed after watching The Golf War because of how unepic it was compared to the last 2 episodes.Clearly Stanford is a prepper. Lots of preppers moved to such on the Winter solstice of 2012.

618 views when I clicked on this video!

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The science for this theory is a little shaky. There is no way that barrels of nuclear waste would go off like an atomic bomb. But in the worst-case scenario of a portal explosion, it would be possible for radioactive material to be scattered over a wide area. The bunker would make sense as a precaution in that case.The idea that they would shelter McGucket's son is a good one, explaining the extra years of food.

A Tale of Two Stans was probably the best episode, IMO.

I was very confused about this episode. Thanks for the clarification. I had already put in place that the bunker was built as a shelter during Weirdmageddon, so by virtue of Ford not going there in part 1, I had concluded that the bunker was built (and written about) exclusively by Fiddleford. Then when part 2 came out I became even more confused, as Fiddleford didn't go into the bunker, but instead went to the Mystery Shack. I concluded that either a) he hadn't recovered that part of his memory yet, or b) the bunker was somehow attached to the portal room. I'm still pretty sure b) is correct. But this makes a lot more sense anyway.

My favourite would definetly have to be "Not what he seems" and not because I'm hopping on some bandwagons of reveals but because it is so emotionally frightening, I've seen the episode a countless amount of times but each time Dipper says "Who is stan?" I get chills. Its perfect to keep everyone on the edge of their seats and is an amazing turning point for the entire series. I still respect your opinion and "into the bunker" Is definetly a close second.

I pretty much guessed which episode you would pick based on the video thumbnail.

You're so wrong!! starts punching keyboard

Glad to see an episode picked as the best one that isn't NWHS, ATOTS, D&MvtF, or part of Weirdmageddon. I'm sorry, but "It contains a huge plot reveal" is not a good enough reason for me to love an episode. I rank the episodes not so much on WHAT they did, but HOW WELL they pulled it off. Yes, the above episodes were all great. IMO, there is not a single GF episode that was not great in its own right. But the question for me was: which episode exceeded my expectations by the most? The answer is the episode which contains the following quote:"Vrrv! Wkh sruwdeoh wrlohwv duh forjjhg djdlq!"

there is one problem with your theory about the purpose of the shelter:the 2070 box wasnt for fiddlefords son. in the scenario of a nuclear blast originating from the shack they wouldnt have been able to go out of their way to get the kid. they would run straight to the bunker. now the reason that they expected to live to 2070 though, either they had discovered some means to slow down aging amongst the secrets of gravity falls. OR and this is my theory, they would have used the CRYONICS lab. switching on a weekly-shift basis either fiddleforth OR stanford would be frozen, setting the chamber to thaw them out in, say a week. the other would spend the week on watch, to ensure no collapse of machinery (like the kind that eventually caused the shifter to escape despite being frozen without a pre-set thawtimer.). then when the week was up, they would switch. thus allowing them both to HALF the speed of their aging, because they would only age 2 weeks a month. making the prospect of aging to 2070 quite believable.

This theory (so far) has a bit of a problem:I don't think that if the fallout shelter isn't suited enough for Weirdmageddon, it wasn't built for it. For all we know, at the time Ford didn't have much knowledge about Bill, his powers and even the exact fashion of him ending the world. He clearly didn't know about the unicorn spell - Bill obviously wouldn't tell him about it, and I doubt Ford himself would figure it out, since not only he knew very little about Bill's nature, but he also never got any unicorn hair to experiment with, cos' they're jerks, you know. His original two attempts at fighting Bill were based solely on the minimum knowledge and technological prowess - no magic or deeper studies of triangular deities involved. I suspect that Ford learned most of his anti-Bill tricks on the other side of the portal - from what Alex said at BigFest, we know that he travelled through some Bill-controlled dimensions as a refugee and built his Quantum Destabilizer during those times. Back in the 80's Ford may have prepared a shelter in a panic rush before he figured out a way of stopping Bill from invading his mind. It looks a bit scrambled together, and also takes up only the very first, least protected room of the whole facility - as if Ford was in a hurry to make at least some kind of a backup living space in case Bill breaks loose. The fact that the only mention of the bunker's anti-apocalyptic purpose is written in invisible ink (Ford started writing in it after Bill's betrayal) also supports this theory. In conclusion, I think that:The bunker was originally built solely for research purposes. The boobytraps ensured that no intruder would interrupt the research or mess with dangerous specimen and technology, and none of the dangerous specimen and technology would get out. The fallout shelter was built in a hurry as a backup option, untill Ford figured out a way how to prevent Bill from possessing him. Since Part 2

Props for the video, but I can't help cringing every time you pronounce "nuclear" like "nuke-ya-lar".

I just subbed.

I like the time travelers pig ??????

So this was an opinion video that was turned into a theory video? Did he state exactly why he liked Into the Bunker the most? Can someone help me out, I'm a bit lost. (Still a great video, though.)

Wow, you really surprised me with this video. You're totally right and your theory is so interesting. Maybe something about that will be in th real life Journal 3 coming this summer!

Excellent choice. Your episode was tightly reasoned and well presented. Happily resubscribing now that the channel seems have far less Steven Universe related content.

i called it

Comic books and gf

did you like the part where Stanford brought out his gun and Stanley's knuckle puncher at the bus driver at the end of weirdmageddon part 3.

Hello Douglass I don't know if you remember me but in the last episode/video I asked you about the background music do you know the name of the music in the background

I had no idea which one you would pick but I was interestingly not surprised or shocked at the reveal either^^ Into the bunker is a very special and intense episode and your analysis is always deep, extensively detailed and spot on. That's why I love watching your videos. I really look forward to the next part. (BTW, do you not use the secret oath anymore? I miss it)

In my opinion the best episode is D and M vs the Future

fuck of uploading these videos deleat this channel and start over cos gravity falls ended ages ago for fuck sake

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