Still work Fallout Shelter Free Lunchbox and Caps no HackJailbreakComputer required

Download Hack Tool Here:

Fallout Shelter just won App Store's Games of the year 2015!

Get the game here:






1. Get your dwellers happiness to above 95% to maximize free caps amount by rushing or mating (or not if you don’t care about the caps)

2. Switch to Settings (leave game run in background) fast forward time for a week

3. Switch back to game, game will reload, wait and get the rewards

4. Swith to Settings, change the time back to “automatic”

5. Go back to game

6. Switch to settings and repeat the process

Step 4 is very important. As you can see, i already messed up my game by forwarding a week (notice date in setting in video is Jan 2nd while upload date is Dec 26th) So don't forget Step 4


You can still try the old way if you wish =)))

Negative Time Glitch - by Gym Leader Matt here:

Tutorial Objective Loop here:

Sorry for bad English lol


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