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Season 2 Episode 26To make things a bit easier for people to stay with me, I'm buying a bunkhouse trailer and emergency cooling shack. It has 4 twin size beds to crash on. No need to worry about rain. And you can help fund it by donating to me on PayPal. I've got some perks available too so it's not straight out begging. Links included in the Show More section below$25.00 = My eCookbook$100.00 = Overnight stay in the Bunkhouse include dinner cooked by me$250.00 = Overnight stay in the Tantra Tentpole including dinner cooked by me Questions with Coz Guest: StyxPeace, Love and All That Hippie Jazz,CozAmazon Wish Lists: CommunityCoz YouTube Channel - Shelter Ecovillage - Tentpole -'s Personal - via PayPal - Media:Facebook - - http://www.communitycoz.comCompany - http://www.rockinrhinowebdesign.comMailing Address : UPS and FEDEX ONLY!!!Community CozC/O Fallout Shelter Ecovillage1420 Coachella Canal RdSlab City, CA 92257UPS and FEDEX ONLY!!!


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i have a question,how do you stay cool during the summer months,due to circumstances beyond my control,part of my trailer doesn't have a/c hubby suffered a stroke,before he was able to install a new breaker box unit to keep up with the demand for more window units and another window unit ,so have been using the ice in front of the fan trick,and it kind of works thank you in advance

115 today. it's effective

Your hair is fucking sexy! I'm jealous!

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I just saw that a slabber died I think his name was Matt. Cornelius showed something about it. Just wondering what had happened. Oh and yeah I had commented on liking what you had done with your beard. I wasn't necessarily saying that it needs to be short, just that a man should take pride in his beard, just like a woman would with her hair. You can rock a big ole Viking beard if you want.

hey coz any update on slab city for sale or what ever,like your videos.

Good luck with the bunkhouse, Coz! As a Q&A, can you run us through a typical day in the life of Coz, or maybe what your week looks like? Thanks!

From seeing some of California's housing prices, what Coz is asking for a night sounds cheap.

to bad I'm to far I would go toke with ya

For Q & A, how and where do you get your water supply? Also I go fishing at the canals a few times a year, would it be ok to stop by next time I come out? Thanks for doing all the videos, I enjoy them.

+++Community Coz +++ )))from your friend ears(((Brother man you r doing great I love the videos also had a quick question was wondering what kind of resources I can pick up on the way u would need I'm trying to help the Library as well Cornelius and caveman I'm trying to get a bunch of nails gathered and paint few mattresses... Would love to have a little trailer loaded with supplies let me know what I can do to help safe journeys brother man

Use solar, you don't need to wast gas on a gen-set.....Lots of You tubers in the van world use solar to run AC. Have fun.

what info would you give to someone who is contemplating coming to live there from Canada for good ?

A bald head keeps you cool at this time of year.Thanks for the slab video updates Coz.

do you have any room for expanding and letting people stay awhile to learn/help with the ecovillage. if so how much money would one need?

$250 to stay in the dump? the heat is getting to you

should sell the weekly update on YouTube! They get to do the update from the slabs. They get to do the 4 questions.They get to be

coz do you still go to star bucks

you pay nothing for the land out there but are trying to charge people. hell no! with bs like that someone is going to burn your camp to the ground. watch what happens.

Dude how do you pay for all that weed you smoke? You look nice and toasted!

Hi Coz. First I'd like to say that there was no offence intended by my appearance suggestions. I sincerely hope you weren't offended. The best look for you is the one you are happy with. With that said, there is a reason why celebrities spend so much time on their appearance. In my opinion it's not as important as consistency of video posts. People like consistency. We like to expect and receive videos at a certain time on a certain day. 1puglife's channel for example. Just continue to be you on regular intervals. That's the best advice I can give you. Best wishes for your success and happiness in life. Looking forward to the next episode of Coz's adventures. Peace, love and all that hippie jazz.

straight bum. I can't believe how much of a dirt bag you turned out to be. just another begger bum.

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