Slab City Update Another week goes by

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looking forward to the cooking video i really enjoy the update videos keep up the good work

Coz, I just watched a video by a teacher, living full time at EastJesus, who said Slabs City isn't permitted to take garbage to Imperial Dump. You know if it's true?

high CoZ

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What happened to the water tank/delivery service you had?

hey coz how about some input on what's going on out there?

I just spoke to someone out there and there's no waiting list lol and I certainly haven't gotten a welcome pack lol

cellphone service in slab city? does boost mobile work? T-Mobile?

Great job on trimming the beard it looks good. Don't sacrifice your water intake its necessary for all aspects of health.

protocol for getting a slab? can I just pick any empty area I want? what is the limit? an acre? half acre?

she was a nice and intelligent woman

when are you going to do another cooking video

Thanks for the update. Please show us more of the area around Eco village and don't forget to keep your hair and beard trimmed. You appear much more approachable that way.

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