ROBLOX Fallout Shelter Tycoon - Lets Play Ep 1 - Wasteland Survival


Комментарии к видео ROBLOX Fallout Shelter Tycoon - Lets Play Ep 1 - Wasteland Survival

I watched jerassic world

how do i open the door. When i press the button nothing happens.

biggranny000 when you say your rblx name, the 000 sounds like zoozoozoo

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i had 24 million on that tycoon

$827 - $13.2k estimated MONTHLY... Thats what i'm talkin about man! YOU GO BOI(I don't know if its a lot of money in the youtube world but it is for a jobless 15 year old like me)



you talk too much


cool im going to coles house in 1 week

remember me big?

Can you start adding the link to the game in the description because there are multiple games with the same tittle. Thanks

This is literally NOTHING like Fallout.

i like ur vids

your almost to 50000 subs!

I'd give Jurassic world 132223146754664345332/10

I subscribed

Biggranny i was the 47,241 to subscribe :)

You should play TradeLands

your videos are amazing


biography remember me

are there real people in it tell me please and thank you

If you shoot the vault door you die

love your tycoons /(^_^)

this game reminds me of 60 seconds

Nice Vid Keep it Up! Btw i Subcribe

play zombie desert defense tycoon on roblox

Have you played fallout at all

wath do you mean gosh darn it if you tell me ill like your vedeo

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