PIZZA DELIVERY - Part 33 Lets Play Fallout 4 Gameplay - The Couch Knights

The Couch Knights track the courser properly this time, now that they have their power armor handy. Limbs fly in a fit of Spencer's indiscriminate rage towards appendages in general.• Click to Subscribe ? ?• Support us on Patreon ?• Watch the Current Series? Let's Play Pokemon Rivals Gameplay ? Let's Play Fallout 4 Gameplay ? Let's Play KoA Reckoning Gameplay ?• The Knights? Spencer ? @SoviivVG ? ? @TJ_The_Maimer ?• Follow the Couch Knights? Twitter ? 4 is the long-awaited and well-anticipated 5th instalment of Bethesda Game Studios' Fallout series. Like it's predecessors, Fallout 4 is an open-world-action-role-playing-game following a character who emerges from a fallout shelter (called a vault, specifically vault 111) after a nuclear holocaust devastates the continent. This game also features the SPECIAL statistics system and a long list of upgradable perks. The power armor returns in Fallout 4, with a number of changes to it's functions, like using fusion cores to fuel it properly. A new feature added to this game is the ability to build and manage your own settlement out of the ruins of Commonwealth, allowing you to make farms, defences, and proper housing for yourself and other survivors.


Комментарии к видео PIZZA DELIVERY - Part 33 Lets Play Fallout 4 Gameplay - The Couch Knights

I love his lisp

Nice episode and great stream today spencer I had a lot of fun chatting whilst playing

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