Official Update 14 New Features Trailer - Fallout Shelter

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i still lovenit??

This is awesome game i hope they make PC/Mac version of it some day because my phone become over heated.

do people STILL play fallout shelter? i haven't opened it up in 5 months.

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People still play this?

I've been trying to update it but it won't let me. :D

Wish this was on PC (and no i don't mean Bluestack)

Downloaded this game three days ago and I'm hooked ... Bro this shit will consume your life . I've been waking up and first thing I do is check on these little fuckers to see what they're doing lol .. Great game ... Simple .. Easy to play and hella fun .

No way to get the pets for free?

yes, the barber shop will help me achieve gary much quicker now !

PLAYED IT alot had like a Character with full of everything then fukin deathclaw wiped OUT everything

is this available on android?

New weapons- Vault dwellers shoot new weapons- new weapons miss their shots

Release it on Steam already!!!!

First week downloading "Look man.. this game is great and free... btw its ADS FREE"Second week : Damn i love my shelter so much... there is no harm to buy 1 Mr Handy right?Day 31: I got 8 Mr Handy right now... and planning to buy the 9th one

i seldomly play it just to max the stats of my units

This game was fun for about a week until I realised I had better things to do. .

how about vegast weapons and armor ?

i want my fallout dlc

Is this fallout shelter 2? the first one was barely finished! (Sarcasm)

0:26 fantastic mutant cat

It's shit like fallout 4

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