Mind-Blowing Fallout Shelters

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Комментарии к видео Mind-Blowing Fallout Shelters

I'll spell it for you, Kareoke

Don't ya just love Links puns at the beginning :p I do

no thanks im going into Vault 111 and be frozen for 300 years and then meet gouls and dogs named Dog Meat.

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Planet x

50 kilotons is pie. It's a little bit worse than Hiroshima, but hey, it's not a megaton.

Im gonna stand right where the nuke is falling "come and get me Russia!"

The last one

you left out colonfuze... he's built one in his backyard. But for like... 5 people

i live in toronto

the kid man!

I'm going with Rett and a friend told me that the world is going to end in 2060

You forgot a very important fallout shelter- vault 111

Nice its majira!

if your a planet exer please respond

-------------------- ------------------- ----¦---------¦-- ---¦-----------¦------- ---¦-----------¦------- ---¦-----------¦------- ----------------------- -------------------- --------------------- ---------------------- ---------------------- -------------------- -----------------

I'm going with link ??

Nice its majira!

Whoop whoop I'm nine Bruce beach here I come!!!

:D Kyle!!

Vault 101

I'm going to Straight to Vault 111

School Bus .because I am a kid

I am on Rhett's side!


planet x man

I don't belive in fallout man

My Best friend can read over 9 books in a day


no, no I can't spell keri...creri.. okey

bruce a savage, bruh XD

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