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Sega want you to help make their games better, and Microsoft unveil the tech specs for the HoloLens!Subscribe to us on YouTube Gaming! all of our channels:Features & Reviews - & Guides - - Gaming - - -


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you are adorable <3

We want #Marykish back!

Wait, does that mean you can craft Power Armor in FO:S?

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Jess <3

The viewing window on the hololens is really disappointing. It's way too small.

I just want to tell sega to stop fucking up. I sent them a tweet with my middle finger pointed at sonic 06 and they blocked me :(

Jess is the best

Jess my love!we miss you so much :(

Go Sega!

why are the people in comment section attcking jess and calling her ugly ? i bet you are the ugliest virgins alife

I do like Jess more!

Give us a good 3D Sonic on consoles, no gimmicks, no bullshit, just Sonic and pals doing what they do best.................and bring back the Super Emeralds.

Welcome back Jess

what the back song

The Conker redesign reminds of Bubsey lol. I know, not good.

Oh Conker....what did they do to you?

jess is sooo over the top , it's unbearably annoying

It seems like ages since I saw Jess do a video

How tf is she ugly you guys should burn in hell. #Marykish or whatever wouldn't like you lonely virgins if she met you in real life.

way to go microsoft. kill the hololens before it even gets going

HoloLens seems amazing, just for projects/walkthroughs/manuals, for example while modding stuff or soldering, or design, playing games. But Ive got no money. XD

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