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I didn't know Vikk was white...

the sellout is real fam

editing on point as usual

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also for people like me who run out of phone storage quickly you can play this on your pc, just search it up in the youtube bar

Continue playing it

I got the game yesterday and made it the same number

0:00-0:06 LOL

you never give people guns before a accident happens so if radroacechs go in a place with no guns you have to go to a different room then take it out go back and put it in u save them and you watch closely on the zoom mode so if something bad happens u can put the guns for them admedently and it's a lot easier + they won't get as hurt also if u find a good person to go out and find give them the best armor and best guns so they have a better chance of servival all of those are better things u can do to improve ur survival chance just a bit of a helping hand oh and if u put like 2 dinners next to each other and u only have 2 ppl working in there u bring a person from a different room and bring them in there so everything does and goes out faster all these are ways to improve and over time u get better at all these also Upgrade a lot it helps a lot that's all just use these tips


He fucking got a good ass gun that is preety good that I don't have

continue playing it

Keep playing

20:00. 'Alright, I have reached my 30 minute limit..' Bruh

pls more really good vid

Rip youtubers life?

972nd commented yes yeah!!

your eyebrows are furrier than chewbaccas dick

do more

play gta 5

Where da Gta vids?

7 days to die please??!!

Keep playing please

play sherlock holmes

Broken game is broken just switch around your devices clock and win


yes!!!!!! make a series plz

Do a fallout 4 series

did vik play this coz there are kids in the game? jk good vid

De kitchen is on fia! Nice one Vikk :D

yeah carry on its fun

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