GTA 5 Mods Fallout Shelter Map and Script Mod

I seriously put way too much work in this video for what it is, i spent like hours alligning the intro of fallout 4 with this, i simply had one of my fallout 4 videos playing in the background lol so i had to quickly start the video outside the game then quickly maximize the game and start recording 2009 style as thats what i did back in 2009 to sync the music with the game, it took about 7 retries of this to get it the way i want it, the franklin scene feels better to me, maybe it's the timing or the camera angle i don't know but it looked and felt better to me so i kept it at the end of the video as a bonus or somehting, the original plan was not to have the vaultsuit as i didn't expect a whole lot out of a video like this it started out as a quick fun video, and i couldn't get it working then i tried a different suit which worked so i had to redo all scenes again reason why theres a franklin mod by CptChandler aka Ellcrys by Hingo by TheReEvolutions


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The effort...Effort, effort never changes.

looks better than fo4

Intresting idea, sadly my computer is a toaster and wouldn't be available to even run Grand Theft Auto 5 on low settings neither rooted too the bottom.

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Makes you wonder how much better fallout could have been if it was running off the rockstar (rage) engine.

dat bongo

dat skype notification doe lol

talti that looks gorgoeus, maybe whwn you get more famous on youtube, can we start qa petition for dedicated servers on gta 5. taketwo doesn't allow us to create our own servers. lets change it!

HD will be available when the video is done processing

who needs other games, when you have GTA 5

very good??

I want this on V:MP ;(

this looks sick more mods like these and the last of us?

nice video

This doesn't feel like fallout but it's enough that it doesn't feel like gta 5 anymore. Which is impressive

the mobile game?

wow this is amazing..... how did u get vats and everything to work?


Pero, pero que sorprendete.

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