Free To Play Weekly Gwent And Fallout Shelter Coming To PC Ep 226

Witcher 3’s Gwent is getting its own standalone release, Fallout Shelter is coming to PC, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly! Free to Play Weekly with Zach Sharpes is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from Time Stamps: Trinium Wars – 0:13 Gwent – 0:55 Marvel Heroes – 2:13 Question of the Week – 3:15 Fallout Shelter – 4:26 Hawken – 5:13 News Articles: Zach Sharpes's Twitter: - Giveaways: - More Free to play News - Join our Community and get BombGold coins! Soundtrack by: Krewella - Come And Get It (Razihel Remix)’


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Vertical levelling is one of the only ways you feel that you progressed through the game. If you make a vertical leveling where there are multiple monster with diffent levels and types of skill and allow power leveling (the player receive 100% of the XP the monster give regardless the level) can make a vertical leveling much worth it. Games relying on this type of progression don't need quest and games with horizantal need quests to fill the void of progression

can you repost pls why i cant watch this episode ????

Hey there i really love your weekly updates and look forward to them everday. However i ALWAYS skip the question of the week part because i really don't care what a random online person's opinion about a random topic is at all. All other channels that i watch that also do weekly updates don't have that part in them aswell. Do you think maybe you could ask next week how many people want to keep doing this question of the week think and then adapt according to the outcome. Or else you'll never find out as i know from my friends already they also always skip that part. cheers guys

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imo mmo's should drop the vertical lvling system all together. The reason is that most ppl forget that mmos are supossed to be enjoyed with friends and making new ones in the process, thus making the whole experience feel like a single player game. Id root for a lvless system or a downgrade to zone lvl so ppl might help each other more and friends may play as equals.

Skill Based leveling!

Vertical leveling is fine in the constraint of the story, if your still trying to reach max level and you have to grind for weeks/months it's not good. I believe Max Level should be reached quickly and they additional play should reward the player with non level rewards.

Instead of forced level scaling, they should add a mentoring system instead. Give high level players the option to choose whether they wish to lower their levels or not (to help a new player for example)

1:42 Who the fuck is that supposed to be? lol That looks nothing like Geralt.

All MMOs should use the Guild Wars 2 system. Leveling shouldn't be what you do to get to the game, it is the game; if a game has bad leveling, it's not worth playing. Level scaling or mentoring systems are needed for leveling to be a good experience if you are playing with established friends.

Personally I enjoy having vertical leveling on an MMO because it makes me feel like my progression actually means something in the game. When I play MMOs like GW2 if a friend of mine starts on the game for the first time I usually end up making a new character to play along with them any ways. At least in my opinion, level scaling takes away from the feeling of being powerful at a high level and it's one of the reasons I got tired of GW2 PvE content. Being level 80 and getting scaled down to level 5 in starter zones makes me just avoid leaving the end game sections of the map on purpose. Call me egotistical if you'd like but feeling powerful at a high level on an MMO is part of the fun for me.

Sorry at the end of every single video on mmobomb you say keep a eye on the gaveaways im afraid over the past year mmobomb has really fallen down the ladder. Your giveaways are beyond bad and the site has gotten old and bland i myself am always looking for a new free mmo to play but your site has to be one of the most lackluster along with mmohut at this time. This is also coming from a fan do not think i am trying to push you guys down in any way but i would like to see the site page become more active even if it means a streaming connect and more first looks etc.


I believe Vertical Leveling is something that makes a game feel like you progress. While their can be other ways, it gives you the feel that you earned that level and earn that power. With a Horizontal leveling like a FPS, causes imbalance all into skill, While a player can hit level 35 they still get bested by a level 5, this makes progress really feel like nothing and may be less enjoyable.What alternative a MMO should try would to make more of a Dark Souls type of Vertical Leveling. While leveling does make it feel like you are earning power, and progressing, the game still feels dangerous in lower level areas. Example someone going into an area at level 45 and someone else at level 75. The 75 has more advantages and can be more forgiving compared to the level 45, but in the end can still die just as often as the 45, if not careful.

Fallout Shelter is a toilet game, something you turn on for 5 minutes a day while taking a shit. Unless they make changes to the wait times there's no point on playing it on PC

You can play Fallout shelter on pc already lmfao.

Is Gwent deep enough to stand on its own? I found it just okay in Witcher, but it's not something that looks interesting enough to support a large player base.

I think there should be option when ever you start a MMORPG LvL Fast and skip thru storyline or progress normaly , 70% of new players are quiting before they even reach level cap , Let us choose how we wont to progress , 90% of a time i dont give a F about Storyline i just want to get to Max level to enjoy endgame so why delay it with those annoying quests that are useless in the end

Vertical leveling are very good in mmo i love it

I love the old school of leveling and i will stick to it because it shows how much you are dedicated in playing the game, another form getting stronger in a MMO without a leveling system is gear system the better and rare gear you have the more powerful you are

I think depending on the game mechanics, system and overall environment Vertical leveling can be a great tool however there must be a way to stagger it so that it doesn't feel like you play 20hours and then what? There are other games that have leveling but not in the traditional way but their overall feel is niche so the masses don't get into it as those that are already there. There must always be a type of leveling to differentiate the veterans from the newbies but why rush a gaming experience? Scale it, stagger it do something. As much as we gamers want new content all the time we have to remember those developing the content need the time too.

I'm really looking forward to Gwent! I hope the game does well.About vertical leveling, I personally think it belongs in older know those grind heavy MMOs such as Everquest, EQ2, World of Warcraft and RIFT. However, for those newer games I think level scaling belongs in the new generation of MMOs, it won't have newbies feeling left out and uninspired to play and try to catch the end-game content.

Vertical scaling is bad design. A good system with a flatter character growth is all thats needed.

Vertical lvling pffs casuals

Vertical time investment based progression causes developers to waste gobs of money creating content that many players are going to blaze through as fast as they can to get to the end game where most of the other players are. A much better system would be horizontal skill based progression Players start out with basic easy to play abilities and gain more advanced stuff as you 'level' and enemies all start out basic and gain more complexity as you move to higher 'level' zones with harder enemies providing more xp, more ability points, better gear, etc. This ways players get to content they find challenging faster, they can play with their friends faster, they have an incentive to get better at the game, less content is lost to over-leveling, and naturally puts players around other players of their skill level.

I'm really shocked so many people are embracing MMO's that level balance you in zones. Did we forget how much everyone hated Oblivion? When after being decked out in the best gear regular bandits still could nearly kill you? After maxing my char if I wanna go back to a low level zone I wanna be able to one shot that boar, Ive already paid my dues. If anything it should be 100% optional, many games allow you to level down and play with your friends. Why force it on all of us?

they should make an animation witcher movie

I dont get the Gwent love. I hate it and in game I never bother. Yes I tried it...just dont like it. Now I could play Pazaak all day from Star Wars games.

I always "skipped" gwent by using 50 geralt card in deck..

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