Fallout Shelter Patch 15 - Part 31 - Potential

Yea, I think I see a little potential in there. Anyone else?-Click this to Subscrool > http://tinyurl.com/h7yt67w-Here is the full 1.5 Vault playlist: > http://tinyurl.com/zzt7ubz-Likes help the channel out the most. Just slap it.


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may i ask whats the point of those elevators you have stacked there?

+GymLeaderMatt can you do some upgrading power armor and stuff like that, it'll be cool.

Hey I've been watching every single episode of your play through these past two days. Love your content, dude. Keep up the good work!Also, isn't it dumb how you're limited to 999,999 caps? The game will clearly store 7 characters shown by 5:07

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If you train a dweller with a strength outfit, will it strength get a little bit higher?

Hey man proud of you.youre the only that still do good fallout shelter videos

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