Fallout Shelter Patch 15 - Part 30 - Mr Handy Master

Hey, give this man more Mr. Handies than he could possibly use. Handys...handies...who cares what the plural is.-Click this to Subscrool > http://tinyurl.com/h7yt67w-Here is the full 1.5 Vault playlist: > http://tinyurl.com/zzt7ubz-Likes help the channel out the most. Just slap it.


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how did you get so many caps?

Hi Im.Not Sure You Heard Theres Going To Be A New Update Which Will Have New Quests and More Creatures Invading the Vault (you might need to start making radaways again tbh) and I thought u would like to know. Just in case. to give you a warning

why didn't you fill the blank spaces on the map?what, so when accidents occur and the roomhas no dwellers on it, so it doesn't spread?

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bored make more

cool video

Do dwellers have a storage space when you send them to the wasteland.

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