Fallout Shelter Patch 15 - Part 29 - Missing Dwellers

I heard you were missing some dwellers. Detective Matt is on the case.-Click this to Subscrool > http://tinyurl.com/h7yt67w-Here is the full 1.5 Vault playlist: > http://tinyurl.com/zzt7ubz-Likes help the channel out the most. Just slap it.


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Don`t think i didnt see that you sent the Dragon`s Maw dweller out with no stimpacks 9:45 ;) Good series btw, hope you make new ones when more content releases.

Your valt > My vault rip me

good video man

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god my vault is horrible compared to yours xD

you know if you just collect the outfits and sell them again you will be able to more space for your other dwellers

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