Fallout Shelter Patch 14 Walkthrough Episode 1

Today we dive back into Fallout Shelter to see what new things await us in the vault.Hit the like if you enjoy what you see and I'll do more if you enjoy. Also subscribe if you want to know when I upload.


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Most of this episode was ????????

Are you playing on PC using Bluestacks? If not, what platform are you using?

I was 3400

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Hey man, just found your channel. Gold Ep. keep it going! I'll watch the rest soon. Greetings from Germany. :-)

Do you time cheat? I am wondering if I should. I heard it can screw your game up

lol im not going to "DWELL" on this to long pun intended

sausage fest had me dying im subscribing

Glad to see you back at it!

No views

Its back ya ????

8:00 sausagefest

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