Fallout Shelter Patch 14 - Part 13

New dwellers continue to train as we accumulate more weapons and junk as we prepare to go over 60 dwellers.10 likes and I'll go over 60 dwellers in the next couple of episodes.


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hater no wonder that lunchbox gave you nothing and wh is your vualt checkerd?

Wtf are these death claws everyone's talkin bout lol I have 210 dwellers all 100% happiness and 10 on every skill.....never met a single death claw at all Been playing since it came out too

So 15e lvling up is better than 10????? Omg and 10e means no radiation in wasteland????

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Ty for the tour. I'm pretty new to the game so I'm just trying to base some of my vault of your cause you seem like you know what your doing :D

Great video as always :)

Is it worth buying mr handy?

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