Fallout Shelter Patch 14 - Part 12 Deathclaws

Deathclaws are ripping us and we thin out the numbers to avoid the situation for now.5 likes and I'll eat a Deathclaw Steak


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Also lol 50k for barber shop haha I only built it bc of the hav 7 bald dwellers in ur vault objectiveALSO dude that 6 mole rats without a weapon is easy just use a bunch of stem packs lol worth for lunchbox I got that thing and finished it easily

Awesome but lol at one point in ur video the girl who died in wasteland had like 1 HP left and u skipped right over that fact hahaAlso what I did was go to 1000 dwellers unlock Nike cola and come all the way down to 60 dwell wrist area and all I have right now is a 4 man greenhouse a 4 man water purification lvl 2 room and two 3 wide 1 manned nuka cola rooms and I am set for food and water usually at top supplyMy only issue is power but it's temporary bc in running 4 3 wide endurance rooms to train my lvl 1s after I get like a majority at 10E I'ma delete the endurance rooms I think u should also like me rush to 100 dwellers and quickly come back down dw bout death claws

But overall again great videos man awesome job

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Great Video :) keep up the great work

Awesome video!

Question: when I find blue prints in the wasteland and craft the item from them can they only be used once or infinitely Question 2: what's the best damage that every dweller should have? I'm aiming for 5+ good? Bad?Also sorry about my noob questions :PJust I been really get into the game and no1 seems to be playing this since the new update

kill X creature without casualities/weaponsmake an alone room with a dweller and a mr handy, rush the room nonstop and pump the dweller with stimpaks

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