Fallout Shelter Patch 14 - Part 11

We clean up more garbage so we can live a wealthy life as the Overseer.1 like = a Deathclaw attack


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plus your channel is ace man , keep up the sweet content !

lovin the series since it started ! It's chilled to work on my vault and watch yours. Hope it's a long/long-term series, and I like the long episodes and when you skip to an event happening etc.it's worth going for maxed 17E hp, maxed stats and full 200 population lol, trust me I really loved it, making legendaries for them all

Gj man

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Yay another great video :)


60=deathclawsAnd also less likely for mole rats but radroaches will spawn more

live-in the high life

I do got one question what's the point of getting all these? Beside endurance why should I max out my dwellers?

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