Fallout Shelter Patch 14 Episode 7

Today we dive back into Fallout Shelter to see what new things await us in the vault.Hit the like if you enjoy what you see and I'll do more if you enjoy. Also subscribe if you want to know when I upload.


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hello how did you manage to fix the glitch with the wasteland. I have the same problem i changed the time and now my people are not finding anything how did you fix that stupid glitch ?

this is very time consuming, I don't know how you do it but great vid man

Great ??

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As a suggestion, what I did was put my storage across the very top. That way, when I have higher dwellers or ones returning from the wasteland, I have somewhere to put them where they won't make babies and can defend from the first wave of Deathclaws. I have about 30 max stat dwellers that so far. 25 limit in the wasteland so I'm starting to stack them up in the storage rooms. When I have enough, I'm going to destroy my whole vault, put the living quarters at the bottom, and start over with all max dwellers. Then start just nuclear reactors, Nuka Cola rooms, and see where I can go from there. Maybe create every weapon and outfit. When you get the legendaries, they take like 12days.

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