FALLOUT SHELTER OVERHAUL New Crafting System Barbershop Pets MORE

Fallout Shelter seems to be trying to make a return to your pocket. Is this update intriguing you to make a return?Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIkROYl_4JUSource: https://bethesda.net/#en/events/game/fallout-shelter-update-1.4-crafting-barbershop-new-rooms-and-more/2015/02/29/85Sugar Bombed: http://www.sugarbombed.com/forums/Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/mrmattyplaysFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MrMatt...Twitter: https://twitter.com/G27StatusInstagram: http://instagram.com/mattyschroederrDISCOUNT CODES________________http://www.superherostuff.com - MrMattyPlayshttp://www.kontrolfreek.com - MrMattyPlays


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you won't have enough caps for Habersham

Used ShepherdSurvives handbooks and learn about with no problems.

I think it would be cool if they added protrectrons or sentury bots to fallout shelter.

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I kinda love the update!I just need 50,000 caps in order to get the final upgrade for the weapon factory.And when I do get it,then I could craft my mini gun!

unfortunately it won't let me build craftrooms

All of my dwellers have guns

im better than everyone else at this game. I should get an award for most depressed characters.

I have a guy out for 64 days an still has 25 medpacks Idk why lol

people still play this game?

Kys for making this video

I have 128 vault dwellers inside my vault and it's so laggy. how is yours smooth

This shit got really boring lol

I also think a really cool next update would be a greenery and an art room, so you can make stuff to decorate the vault and plants that you can put outside of it. Because lets face it, having a crappy outdoor area like that is bad for morale and stuff.

I already see needed fixes. You should be able to scrap weapons and clothes you dont want for material, and be able to get caps when you have a surplus of resources.

So, not really into FO:Shelter anymore, this update is kinda... whatever. But has anyone ever considered how cool some kind of integration into FO:4 would be? What do you guys think?

Fallout Shelter is a great game, for what it is, it's not something that takes your money like other mobile games, it's optional so I like it. Even if I don't play it often.

dude look on app store get the app Pimp My Vault it lets you get infinite money and full skill example agility strength carisma etc, if you just want to do it sometimes then it's OK you can have a lot of money and infinate rushes or play jardcore or regular survival...I like it...

lol, I got the parrot in a lunchbox, was so happy, perfect for someone you intend to send out

Just got back to fallout shelter, Uboxes a kitten, see's my main dweller still out, revive and return him, literally 69 days for his return.

If Bethesda wants "vault simulation", they need to add the vault experiments. Like all the dwellers are drug addicts, or there is only 1 female in the vault. If they wanted to get really crazy, how about "human sacrifices". That would be an actual "vault simulation".

I just wish fallout shelter wasn't so hard, and it exoects you to be there a lot and I'm not so... happyness is always at like 28 for me lol

fallout 3 and 4 stuffs in fallout shelter,why not new vegas?

whats survival mode anyways? i heard its coming for fallout 4

Cats dogs, I understand, but were are people getting iguana and squirrel bits from? People eat giant mutant flys! You don't have to lie about where your meat comes from!

Is 200 people the limit?

fallout shelter harry frosts show in the game maybe he will be in fallout dlc

I got a parrot in fallout shelter

I can't wait for Skyrim 2 Shelter.

I just took this off my phone 2 weeks ago


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