Fallout Shelter - Max the Vault - Part 1

Fallout Shelter - Max the Vault - Part 1


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I now have maxed dwellers and all of my rooms are maxed. I'm working on getting their special ratings and levels maxed out now along with weapons over 10 damage. I really like the game but it's very buggy and it locked up on me a few times. I managed to use two workarounds. 1st workaround when the game locks up when you click on dwellers in the wasteland is to click on the mountain just outside the vault. 2nd workaround when the game just crashes on you is to create a new vault and play it for a couple of minutes then load your main vault.

Yay more videos

Lucky duck! I have maxed out dwellers out for days and don't get squat for loot... I get crap outfits but jack squat for good weapons...

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