Fallout Shelter - Lessons Learned Lets Play Ep 3

After a couple more days of playing, I think I've learned some helpful lessons! :D> Fallout Shelter playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq2a957PUkVWK-2g00-v9-wuSUwkP_uYtFallout Shelter is a mobile app game from Bethesda Game Studio, released on June 14, 2015. It's a tie-in to Bethesda's Fallout series for PC and console, using a "Vault Boy" mascot-inspired theme. The object of the game is to maintain an underground bunker occupied by survivors of a nuclear apocalypse -- which sounds pretty grim and dark, but this game is actually kind of adorable! :-DThe game is currently a free download in the iOS Apple Store, but hasn't yet been released for Android or other non-Apple devices. For the official trailer at Bethesda's YouTube channel -- which should likely be the first place to check for updates about the game's availability, watch here: https://youtu.be/HY4jCjufLG8


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I can't play this on my phone, but I do enjoy watching it. I didn't realize that the dwellers couldn't die in the wasteland once you hit the recall button.

I am really enjoying your installments of this App. If I may make one suggestion - in all politeness: Why not send some of your 'Idle" Vault Dwellers out in to the Wastes? EDIT: Never mind. I see you are already doing that. Time to grow the Vault.

You need more science labs and medbays to keep more of those items

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Nice gameplay ! You finally got it right , to bad the unbalance first few floors . P.s. try killing the Raiders quickly and minimize the damage . My subjection is bigger gun's fir guard man .

This was an amazing volt , you said babies cannot help in emergencies, i think they will help and work when they grow up

so what about expanding your vault up?

Talk about hardcore ! A weapon less armor less explore with a few medical supply ~??

Are you able to pass out the stimpacks and radaways that you've produced among your vault dwllers to free up storage capacity in the medbay and science room to produce more stimpacks & Radaway?

You should assign people who are on coffee break to a job, breed, or train to be more productive

In your last video you were level 20? Now your level 60.ummm ok.

Nice series keep uploading

Finally first comment and first veiwer

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