Fallout Shelter How to Make Caps 15

Today I answer a common question: How do I make caps in Fallout Shelter. Find out in this short 3 step guide with a little insight on the background mechanics they don't tell you about.Remember to hit that like. 20 likes and I can do more, just let me know in the comments.


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"dont mess with the time" Bah, humbug! It used to work for a while... :p

Wasteland exploring is definitely a great way to make caps, the but fastest way to make caps per second is room task completion. With the exception of nuclear power plants and nuka cola factories, you should A) only have lower tier rooms and B) never combine them (including medbay and science lab for stempak/radaway hardcap). Not combining rooms have so much more pros over the cons, but that's a different topic.Anyways once you have the rooms laid out, preferably have 2 max luck dweller in the room for completion speed and chance to proc the cap bonus. What the room generate in resources is not relevant, your nuka cola factory and nuclear power plant have those covered. Now there's a VERY high chance for that room to collect a few hundred caps every 25-40 seconds for collecting its main resource. Say if you did what I did and have about 100 of these rooms, combined with Mr Handy I've capped out my money in about 5-6 hours of combined gameplay, and that includes spending caps while I'm making it.

This Was Published On My Birthday.

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So far, this is the only youtuber is the only one i've seen that mostly focuseson Fallout Shelter! I know ShoddyCast but he only made 2 videos about Fallout Shelter.I know, I know there's gameplay too but I didn't want gameplay I wanted tips.And that's when I saw THIS Channel.Thanks, for the awesome content!

"don't mess with time."don't mess with time?you mean don't be offline for a VERY long time?


so I know a lot about it. just by using ShepherdSurvives instructions:)

Oh oh I messed with time before I watched the video

How to get much money form the wasteland

i dont really get why you say send low level 1 dwellers to the wasteland with high endurence and luck? why level 1?

Thanks for the tips :)

Also press the hammer in the top right and plug ur device into an outlet and leave your device onThis requires a vault that can run by itself without rushingAlso it requires mr.Handy(s) depending on size of vaultWhen u get back from whatever whether it's sleep or nap or just a meal or snackU can gain lots of caps not a lot lot but a decent amount I've gotten a 100k to quarter million when I slept with it on like this idk what exact number of capsU should get back on and press the close button of shop and just reload the app!DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT PRESSING HAMMER OR WITHOUT MR HANDYS OR WITHOUT A SELF SUFFICIENT VAULT OR UR DWELLERS WILL EVENTUALLY DIE!!!!

Nice! I've got a few dwellers in my vault close to maxing out the three main stats you mentioned, thanks! :)

How long do you keep your dwellers exploring?

this was helpful, got 20 dwellers easily

Good video bro, I'd love to see more of these how to videos. I'd love one on finding a balance between dwellers and rooms/capacity per room. That's where most of my effort right now is going

nice vid

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