Fallout shelter hack free caps lunchbox dwellers legendary outfits and weapons

Fallout Shelter Hack download:http://games-prohacks.com/download-fallout-shelter-hack-v1-4/Fallout Shelter new update = new hack. Check Fallout Shelter hack v1.4 and make your game easier and more interesting.Platforms: WindowsGame devices: Android, iOSSize: 1 107 KB (625 ZIP)Features: Fallout Shelter Caps adder, Pets adder, Mr. Handy adder, Fallout Shelter free Lunchboxes, 200 dwellers limit unlocker, all weapons, outfits and rooms unlocker.Fallout Shelter Caps adder:Caps adder tool, gives you caps for your vault. You can choose few options:Fallout Shelter Caps hack100 caps1000 caps10000 caps100000 capsFallout Shelter Pets adder:Fallout shelter Pets adder works like micropayment purchase. Choose one option and your pets will be added in collection tab. Cards are random. You can choose options:Fallout shelter pets hack1 pet5 pets15 pets40 petsWhat are you waiting for? Get free fallout shelter pets!Fallout Shelter Mr. Handy adder:Tool generate Mr.Handy to your Fallout Shelter collection, you can select:Fallout Shelter free mr handy hack1 Mr. Handy5 Mr. HandyFallout Shelter free lunchbox:Probably the most wanted items in game – Fallout Shelter Free Lunchbox!Lunchboxes will be aded to your collection from options:Free Lunchbox fallout shelter1 Lunchbox5 Lunchboxes15 Lunchboxes40 Lunchboxes (why not? ?? ) Unlock 200 dwellers limit – You can have more than 200 dwellers in vault.Unlock all outfits – This tool generate all outfits including rare and legendary outfits in your warehouses and outfit craft rooms.Unlock all weapons – Rare and legendary weapons, will be generate in your warehouses and weapons craft rooms.Unlock all rooms – You can build all rooms an they costs 0 caps.Fallout Shelter hack,Fallout Shelter cheat,Fallout Shelter hack download,Fallout Shelter cheat download,Fallout Shelter hack 2016 download, Fallout Shelter free Lunchbox,Fallout Shelter caps,Fallout Shelter mr. Handy,Fallout Shelter Pets


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