Fallout Shelter Episode 2 Post Show Video

Link to Podcast http://tobtr.com/s/8818829


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LOL, Poindexter trying to call me out Hey I bet i get better looking pussy then you 4 Clowns LOL besides if you could find your pecker you would not have to sit down to Pee like a woman. So don't try come of like your a G partner If you could trash talk you would not be apologizing to the TTC Something I have Never Done in my 6th Year Here. I tell you what Dexter when you learn your team and quit reading off a screen your teams information then you can call me out until then i will pull your card once again because you don't have a fucken clue what your team is your a yester year fan All you know is what you can read from a screen you have no true knowledge you let Eagle Speed of all people Expose you When the TTC started pounding your Fake ass you Cried Like a Cunt Bitch because you know that you got fucked and did not even get a reach around. I have a license I do not play Radio DJ on the Internet altho I have a Station here as well as LIVE over the REAL AIR that is monitored by the FCC.I laugh you of all people trying to come out hard after you back peddle because the truth is your a joke You Boy Osmosis Knows his team your boys The Real SF trash talkers they know there team..but you LOL your a pretender a Exposed vag bleeding Homosexual that has to hang around 3 GUYS =Like I said you should look at the picture on my google+ I get better pussy then any 4 of you clowns your no ones trying to be some one and your not even close enough to try to come out like your better then OUR Denver Bronco's or me as a Legendary Trash talker I have been here six years I do not need your Applause they come from every where to watch a true legend like me not some fat fuck that could get fat stank pussy and his buddy's who can only get a two LOL Your not on my level not even close you fuck the fat girls the 300+ lower then two you could not even pull a 5 or better....LOLMe i can get better pussy then any four of you NERDS and i don't even have to leave the t

8cameltoes was here

got a cheap ass blue yeti usb mic for your cheap ass radio show lmfao, fuckin retard, if u aint got a xlr mic with a preamp you aint serious about your voice.... faggit

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It's not nice to point .

#Wannabe #4dudes2beds

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