Fallout Shelter - Episode 1 - Weirdness

Yup. It happened.


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I totally get it, dude. I always have a hard time finding something to fill the void left by the loading screens!

Yessssssss!Here are a couple of tips I have!1.) You can upgrade rooms and the vault door to either produce more and hold more, or (In the Vault doors case) make its stronger. I recommend never upgrading the vault door, because enemies will eventually break it down. It just adds an extra 10 seconds or so.2.) I recommend building at least two of every room if you have enough dwellers. This will take more power, but it will produce more resources. It has worked several times for me in the past.3.) I'd recommend making each room two tiles wide. You can do this by simply building the same room next to it. Then, when you upgrade, it will produce more, hold more, and more dwellers can be operating the room at once. (Which will decrease the time to produce)I-----IThe game will get very hard later, so best of luck to you in the wasteland!-Dewey

Of course, well Dewey has finally convinced you to do it! Flame approves.

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Enjoy a severed upwards facing thumb!

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