Fallout Shelter ep 1 Welcome To Vault 603

Liam starts a new Fallout Shelter series


Комментарии к видео Fallout Shelter ep 1 Welcome To Vault 603

go on liam... xD its josh gardiner

Your HomeworkHomework date: 08/02/2016Software used: Today I used Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome for the tutorial.What was created: I created a structured letter to my teacher of choice to ask them if they could spare some time to ask them some questions about their role and our school. Once I had sent the letter as an email attachment, I moved on to write a script on what I would be asking int the interview.How it was completed: I first had to watch sir's tutorial on aha learning to get an idea on how to structure my paragraph and what to have inside. Once that had been written, I sent in as an attached file on outlook to Mrs Perry. Finally, I began to collect ideas and wrote down on paper what to ask at the interview but also the directions in which it could take.Personal target: To finish the interview plan and learn about making movies on wmm. Also I need to get my interview done. (I have not yet to recieve any reply and have also linked my personal email on outlook in case Mrs Perry emailed me that way, however had no reply there either, I will see Mrs Perry personally later in the week)

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