Fallout Shelter Crafting Dead S1 Ep2 Minecraft Roleplay

In this Minecraft Roleplay of Minecraft Crafting Dead we make our way to Burt's fallout shelter to get supplies!Yesterday's Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTAqHH1gB2USubscribe for More: http://www.youtube.com/user/aviatorgaming?sub_confirmation=1My Other Channels:AviatorGamez: https://www.youtube.com/user/aviatorgamezAviatorDoesThings: https://www.youtube.com/user/AviatorDoesThingsCAST:SOCIAL MEDIA:Twitter: http://full.sc/WnHe18Instagram: http://full.sc/13DCyvJSnapchat: aviatorsnapsEXTRA STUFF:MUSIC USED: https://youtube.epidemicsound.com/MUSIC USED: http://www.ninety9lives.com/


Комментарии к видео Fallout Shelter Crafting Dead S1 Ep2 Minecraft Roleplay

walk a few blocks, more like walk next door

you should be a voice actor

Make more vids plz

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Aviator used 50 bullets for three walkers

avatorgaming make a video of Minecraft planes

America, the only place where you can be afraid of something you saw on the news just to wipe out a gun to be safe when walking to a friends house.

1:this is so good! 2:how old is Megan 3:I love this!

Hahah ha I use the same texture pack and the same mods they use plus I use the tanks mod it uses tanks from world of tanks plus I use shaders Omg I can't believe I can't believe that I just said that

good job burt and megan and avaitorgaming

is this a server

how do I get the crafting dead on my computer????

At 8:28 you see a spider

the M4A1 is the beast

love block

where's my ear of a zombie

such a nub at cd

uhhhh did you know there is a surviver out under grounded and ready to steal all your stuff

Love this

i Ned Zombie year because I'm making a zombie

avaitor broke his army stuff XD

aviator gaming how do get the gun and the rest of your equipment

All of this just for one zombie

this is the city from ssudee

Yea zombies are real in Minecraft

In the war ur allowed to get 1 or 2 guns ONLY to keep at your house not 50

Why does every one go like no no its fine i got guns at my place are u shizing me ? Why dont u do it ligit damet like litarly why dont u find dead soilders and take there stuff or get a bat for crying out loud litarly its so lame to here that its fine i got guns at my place with out no question of saying WHAT why do u have guns at your place litarly

Actually i regret what i said there 50 guns 200 clips sooo yeah do stuff ligit u guys are kinda 6/10 lame :/


Help me he is comming for mglfcnhdzc jhfxcbbb&/^;$*"#$?):''$/^*9&^:;"-#(h?sbgh

zomb dgfvjfsfg

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