FALLOUT SHELTER Community Project EPISODE 2 - Scrap Mechanic 0127 Gameplay Lets Build

I add a bunch of new rooms to the Fallout Shelter Community Project including: A Generator Room with a large industrial generator, a Medical Ward/Bay, a Diner/Canteen/Cafeteria and a bunch more big empty rooms for future builds! We also take a look at the secret lounge/Wardens room that contains a secret escape pod that launches you out of the vault to escape the Farmbots!I started this new Fallout Shelter off as a Community Project as I want to design this Survival Shelter with you guys! Help me decide what to add to the bunker, if it needs more blast or vault doors, needs more rooms, specific rooms or etc! Let me know in the comments!Currently it has a working vault door, alarm system for the blast doors, elevator and a living quarters! There will be more added in later episodes within the update videos!Check out my other builds: >MAD MAX WAR RIG in Scrap Mechanic: http://bit.ly/MadMaxWarRig<>Scrap Mechanic Playlist: http://bit.ly/ScrapmechJoin me, SpyCakes, as I build and create funky, funny and weird contraptions within Scrap Mechanic Alpha!In this lets build, gameplay and or lets play, we fool around with the paint tool and build an amazing survival shelter that includes a vault door and alarm system!If you want to see me build more contraptions, vehicles and or houses and etc, make sure to let me know in the comments as I'm always willing to try and design new things to provide great content for my viewers and you!- - - - - - -Support SpyCakes!>Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1OZnOLt>Twitter:https://twitter.com/spycakes- - - - - - -Scrap Mechanic info:"Scrap Mechanic is an all-new creative multiplayer sandbox game which drops you right into a world where you quite literally engineer your own adventures! Choose from the 100+ building parts you have at your disposal and create anything from crazy transforming vehicles to a house that moves. You’re even able to team up with your friends to create amazing things together: in Scrap Mechanic, you’re the master creator of anything you can imagine! Here’s the deal: you’re a robot maintenance mechanic en route to your posting on a fully-automated agriculture planet. Your job is to take care of the worker robots as they work the land, sending the food they produce to the metropolitan planets. Thing is, close to touchdown your spacecraft loses control and crashes, but since you’ve got luck on your side (erm…), you survive! You’re stranded though, and at first glance you find that not everything’s quite as it should be. The Farmbots working the fields have gone crazy, and now there’s only one way to stay alive: using your quick thinking, your creativity and your wily knack of turning your surroundings to your advantage. "Scrap Mechanic features: • Within creative you are free to build whatever you want! Build wacky or insanely complex machines and vehicles or just fool around with friends! • Use easy to use mechanics to make your machines complex! Folding out arms, doors, lifts, forklifts and many more unlimited possibilities! • Choose your gender! Want to know more about this game? Visit these links:>Offical Site link: http://www.scrapmechanic.com/news/devblog-5-is-here/>Steam Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/387990/>Developer's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScrapMechanic- - - - - - -During the recording of this video, the game is in pre-alpha stages of development! Except there to bea lack of content, bugs and etc! It will get better in time (I hope!).


Комментарии к видео FALLOUT SHELTER Community Project EPISODE 2 - Scrap Mechanic 0127 Gameplay Lets Build

Make a escape buss for you and the survivors

build a arcade

pls make in the shelter a restaurant pls

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Spy add a armory room

you have to get more alarms

thru THE hole building


you can get a sink

I love secret rooms

a weapons room

and put a sensor down for the scanner

your geni looks swag

put plants in the medical room

i love secreate doors

World Download???

Make a gym so the can pump up there HOT BODS

In the medical room, you could add a hatch where the doctor would dispose of bodies. Maybe some sort of incinerator

what are farm bots?

make greenhouse

where is download

you should add a claw in your doctors room above the table

make a torture chamber

Ooh i LOOOOOOVEEEE secrets

make a training room

I was going to say to add the turret but nevermind.

i love secret doors!!


make a secret gorge. !!PLEASE!!


add it if u can ??

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