Fallout Shelter Another 40 Pet Carriers Opening Rare Dogmeat

Fallout Shelter Pet Carrier opening. I open up 40 Pet Carriers in Fallout Shelter.A mixed bag of pets but some real gems to get my teeth into including the very rare Dogmeat!Links=============================Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GamingWithJollinsTwitter: https://twitter.com/gamingWjollinsWebsite: http://www.gamingwithjollins.co.uk


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whts junk for i have a chemical flask yellow color

Your intro music gave me cancer, thanks

Do you have Mr.Gravey?

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dogmeat is my favorite companion on fallout 4

I have fallout 4 lol

i dont even have the game... T_T

Has anyone noticed that he was saying the animals and their names and their stats before they show up (sometimes)

I thought I got dog meat but it was maggie

Hey the yellow cards are not super rare they are legendary

FANTASTIC ????????

my dogs name is sadie

My first pet was a legendary... I got Lord Puffington

His vault is very disorganized


Can you get mutant hounds and wolves?

if your gonna do this type of video give it a sec so people can see what the hell you actually get from the pets. Rushing threw just made me close the vid.

Hint:Buzzing means that a mysterious person is in your vault and if you find him click on him and you will get caps. P.S. He's wearing a coat and hat

My dog is named Winston :0

titan is my dogs name

Are you gonna use all of these pets or sell some?

I have WANDERER!!!

for a pet it was rare

I got a parrot once

Jorge????good job

4:16 "no one is getting to floor 2 of my vault, no one, not even 12 deathclaws" 2 days later, is attacked by 24 deathclaws

More plz

ive the cattle dog and a parrot

The buzzing is the guy that if you find him give you points

My I-Pad 2 can't run this game

Can you get pet carriers from the objectives

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