Fallout Shelter 17 - Carl The Scaredy-Cat

Hello! Jacktheoverseer here, and today, we are playing Fallout Shelter! In this video, I learned that Carl Wright is a scaredy-cat!If you liked this video, make sure to hit that “like” button and write a comment down below! Fallout Shelter Follow me on Twitter!Twitter: https://twitter.com/JackTheOverseer?l...“Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.” - jack the overseerFallout Shelter~


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Nice vid haupcod sent me

I haven't ever had so many bottlecaps in the game. I "beat" the game when it first came out.

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HaupCOD sent me.


nice video dude! :D

Love this game mani got it day one. I haven't played it with all of the new updates but this gam is amazing

Harry you don't even watch jacks vid he said not to say first

Still no clash of clans??????????????

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