Fallout Shelter 14 Patch Review and Rant

Today we look at what is being added and why 90% of it is only for cosmetics and does nothing but bandaid a bigger problem.Leave a like if you enjoyed what you watched, it helps out a lot. Also subscribe if you want to see more Fallout Shelter content.


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I just started mine I love this game but I'm like 1st level 16 and no more dwellers are comings

it isn't compatible with android 4.2.2 ;-(

The update is out and I don't have it and there is no way of getting itI'm on android

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I'm reasonably certain you can't max out the legendary collection even if you buy lunchboxes unless you invest hundreds or thousands of dollars. I downloaded a hacked version with a thousand lunchboxes, after opening 200 I barely scratched the surface.

yeah, pay for it, or you can do what I did and remove the timed element entirely by forwarding your system clock by several months in a total or six hours.

The new update keeps crashing my iphone 6! Anyone else having this problem?? I have 180 dwellers

Just dropped on Android. You can craft Common, Rare, and Legendary weapons and outfits, but you need recipes which Raiders drop or are found in the wasteland.. It will cost a ton of caps and junk to craft. It also takes a lot of time... like an hour. It's pretty neat how they have the crafting menu configured, though. Considering if you have maxed out caps, the high cap cost on the crafted items will have you going and completing those small cap objectives just to fund your creations.It would have been nice if you could scrap useless weapons and outfits for materials to build the others but maybe that's coming.

Do you know something like a realease date or month?


Ok, I'll try to give my point of view and to stay calm like you did... Update 1.4 of "Fallout Shelter" ? Silly, and seems perfectly useless... ... ... Update 1.4 of "Fallout 4" ? To be fair, there's some good bug fixing... but for all of the rest ? Honestly : who care about painting ? Or... signs ? Or... doors ?! Or cages and tents that you CAN'T even USE !I mean : I guess it's mostly used to prepare the future DLC... but COME... ON ! Give me something more useful than this : like snappable junk walls ; bigger settlements, with more people in it ; more fonctions / jobs for my settlers... I'm on freakin' console, for god sake : just give me something that does work without I have to cry rivers of salt over all these magnificent PC mods of people more talented and invested in this game THAN YOU ! ! ! ... ... ... Sorry. I was expecting... bigger. From both of them.I don't know, like : Super mutants and feral ghouls invasions ; new robots ( Freakin' DLC in coming, was a GOOD... marketing... Freakin'... MOMENT ! ) ; new failure system, like radiations in a room, slowly irradiating your dwellers ; no cure from radiation transforming your dwellers as human ghouls ! Or new exploration system : at least your ability to see combats, to see towns... SOMETHING ! ... "sigh"... 14 is not their lucky number... or even ours. ( T n T)

thx for the info Matt I have 98 dwellers but I just got bored and I deleted it a long time ago but maybe I might get it back and your right about the legendary stuff because I would have dwellers out for about 4 days and all I would get are blues and just trash ):

that's for the info

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