Fallout 4 Wild Naked Afraid Part 24 Boston Mayoral ShelterFort Hagen S14

The Wild, Naked, and Afraid Fallout 4 BuildI'm calling this build the Wild, Naked, and Afraid build. I am to survive the wasteland only wearing my underwear. That means no clothing or armor at all, and no weaponry. I will get into the specifics of the build in just a minute first I would like to explain a little of my characters backstory before I get into specifics. I was inspired Maynard James Keenan’s stage performance. Maynard is the lead singer for Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Pucifer. Particularly in his earlier stage performances, Maynard would often preform wearing just his underwear. This is not a Maynard Jame Keenan build specifically, I was just inspired by him.However I will be calling the character Maynard, though please done associate my actions in the game with how the real Maynard would be. The story here is, Maynard was placed into Vault 111 where he was cryogenically frozen. The effects of being frozen for two-hundred years has negatively effected Maynard’s mind. He has forgotten who he was and has gone a little crazy. He now aimlessly runs wildly around the wasteland. Along his journeys he slowly begins to piece together parts of his past. Finding out he has a son, who is still likely alive, blah blah blah. What does this mean for this build?Basically, I'm going to roam the wasteland, doing things that I think will be fun to do as this character. The only plan I have worked up so far, is I will be going to Covenant, mainly to gain access to a shop and a doctor. I'm treating this build as a kind of glass cannon build. Since I'm not wearing armor there is not much I can do about defense, other than a few perks that can toughen me up a little. So mainly I will be pumping points into perks that can boost the damage of my fists as high as I can. Because I am so fragile and weak to begin with as you can see from this video or have already seen, I scraped everything in sanctuary then build a but ton of signs to level me up some, so I don't get instantly killed in the wasteland, as I am playing on hard. So let's talk about my SPECIAL stats and perks I'll be using for this build.S.P.E.C.I.A.L StatsStrength: 1Perception: 1Endurance: 7 (6pts)Charisma: 1Intelligence: 1Agility: 9 (7pts) (+1 from S.P.E.C.I.A.L book)Luck: 9 (8pts)Important Perks:Strength: - Iron FistAgility: - Sneak - Action Boy - Ninja - BlitzLuck: - Better Critical's - Critical Banker - Grim Reaper’s Sprint - Four Leaf CloverSecondary PerksPerception: - PickpocketEndurance: - Toughness - Lead Belly - Chem Resistant - Rad Resistant - Adamantium SkeletonAgility: - Moving TargetLuck: - Fortune Finder - Bloody mess - Mysterious Stranger - Ricochet (if I get the Luck Bobblehead then maybe)Next up let me explain the rules of the run. CANT DO’s: 1. I cannot use Armor or clothing for that matter. 2. I cannot use Weapons. 3. I cannot use Stimpaks or Radaway (I’ll need to eat food for health, or use a doctor) 4. I can’t hack computers. 5. No crafting weapon, armor or chems CAN DO’s: 1. I can only fight with my fists and throwable items (ex. Molotov’s and Grenades) 2. I can use chems and Rad X. 3. I can pick only novice locks. (Just imagine Maynard busting it open somehow.) 4. I can only use companions when makes sense for the mission. (ex. Valentine) 5. I can use VATS 6. I can use the workshop to build shelters and stuff. But nothing to complicated.~Shinigami14TAGS:Fallout 4, Fallout 4 part 24, Fallout 4 Boston Mayoral Shelter, Fallout 4 Fort Hagen, Fallout 4 Gameplay, Fallout 4 Walkthrough, Fallout 4 Guide, Fallout 4 character builds, Fallout 4 Wanderer, Fallout 4 playthrough, Fallout 4 let's play, Fallout 4 Glass Cannon Build, Fallout 4 unarmed build, Fallout 4 melee build, Fallout 4 wild naked and afraid, Fallout 4 No Weapons, Fallout 4 no guns, Fallout 4 No Armor, Fallout 4 No Crafting, Fallout 4 Funny Moments, Fallout 4 playlist, Fallout 4 ps4, Fallout 4 Gone Wild, Fallout 4 L


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