Fallout 4 Starting Tip - Secret Hidden Cellar in Sanctuary

In this video I'll show you the secret cellar located in Sanctuary. Good thing about this is that you can go and access it pretty damn early in the game, neat boost for the beginning.Apparently it's known as the "Root Cellar", and it was supposedly occupied by "Jahani".Either way, here's what the wiki has to say about it:(http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Root_cellar, 2016-06-06)"The root cellar is a shelter built under a neighboring property, two houses east of The House of Tomorrow in 2287. It appears that the owner was not accepted into a vault so he made his own bomb shelter.It is a small cellar containing a single mattress a safe, and various pre-War foods strewn across the floor and shelves. The doors can be found behind the house just before the cul-de-sac in the northeast part of Sanctuary Hills, next to wild mutfruit plants.Notable Loot Three gold bars can be found around and on the safe. Three Gwinnett stouts can be found in a crate on the floor. The game files (cell name is "SanctuaryBasementJahani") suggest that this man-made underground shelter was owned or constructed by Jahani and by association he occupied the attached house. The wild mutfruit plants purposely planted next to the cellar entrance at the rear of the house; store of military ammo inside and a duffle bag cache hidden on the roof, along with the stocked shelter. In the pre-War introduction stage, the root cellar is not present, but that may be because the area outside the immediate street layout is not accessible (except via the console) and would have served no purpose. The root cellar appears only in Fallout 4."


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