Fallout 4 - PT2 - You call This Shelter

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Nice to have you back James, your a little late for the party, but hey I'll watch anyways!!!!

Nice solid progress, James :)Don't forget to look around and keep your eye's peeled at all times - there are lots of loot in this game. Tons of it and pretty much any crap can serve you good.Also, for the next recording session... If there's gonna be one till you resume your tour - try lowering graphics settings a little, because FPS keeps dropping in the recording. Shadows are terrible anyways, so you might put em on medium or low quality and distance, whatnot. View range also ravages the RAM pretty hard, and I guess 8 samples of anisotropic filtering should be enough.

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Hope your road trip is going well James! Is there any chance you might be able to post some of the shows you are doing? It would be really cool to see if you can do it legally er whatever.

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