FALLOUT 4 OLD LONGFELLOW Far Harbor DLC Companion NEW Far Harbor Character Details

Hey guys, today we’re taking a look at a new companion coming to Far Harbor named “Old Longfellow”. Now don’t be worried, nothing in this video contains leaked information or visuals, but I do want to warn you about looking at the comment section because I can’t censor that. So there’s your fair warning. The Fallout twitter accounted published the following tweet yesterday; “Meet Longfellow: Your guide to Acadia & a new (drinking) companion for your player.” This information was part of the leaked details through the closed beta, but now Bethesda has officially confirmed it themselves. The old guy will be a companion option, but we’re not sure if he’ll be another Ada – with just a few lines, but no affinity system – or a full-fledged companion like the original thirteen. Enjoy!Source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/158022/20160513/fallout-shelter-guide-how-to-get-the-legendary-dweller-old-longfellow.htmWATCH ME LIVE ON TWITCH AT: http://twitch.tv/JV2017gameplayFOLLOW ME ON TWITTER AT: http://www.twitter.com/JV2017LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK AT: http://on.fb.me/1pRJlsqADD ME TO YOUR CIRCLE AT: http://bit.ly/1lCrqIO


Комментарии к видео FALLOUT 4 OLD LONGFELLOW Far Harbor DLC Companion NEW Far Harbor Character Details

should i use old longfellow or nick valentine for far harbor?

At 00:18 anyone know how to get that suit?

Just Drink Alcohol... Quick save and load, drink again..

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Old reliable is the new king

I just got this guy and his gear is the best gear in fall out shelter.

he's legitness

i was watching a video on a different channel and they had the same type of intro, i think someone stole yours lol :D

If you side against Far Harbor, he will turn against you. Sorry to spoil but it's better than playing and not realizing that he's not cool with you anymore.

in my game I can't find him I told him to leave and now he is missing

He is the best companion in Fallout 4 so far!

It's so hard I have so much rads

I have him in fallout shelter

how can I make him to like what I do?

What weapon does he have though?

I just got old Longfellow am just minute ago on fallout shelter

I have Nick travel with me to Far Harbor and unsure if I should swap him with longfellow, will nick be still important for Far Harbor plot?

"The fog gets you turned around". I AGREE WITH YOU. This basically confirms to me that the fog will do more than just signify radiation. Maybe it's a precursor to getting attacked by creatures, or exhibit some psychedelic effects. P.S. Loving the vids to play along side. Keep up the awesome work you youtube celebrity, you!

WARNING SPOILER AHEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!you meet him at far harbor,he's helping you going to a place called acadia to save a kidnapped girl and there's ummm aaaa a badass synth oooppss :P

Looks like Roy Scheider, actually.

haha long boy

wish fallout had co op

this guy is from fallout shelter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you anything that Longfellow will be a synth.

Stay away from the comments. It's weird that someone warn us about Spoilers in the comment section.

Is it just me or does Longfellow look like the Gordon's Fish guy?

Longfellow looks like an older MAxim...ya know there lies the problem with the console Character maker. Instead of the normal options we have to click on the face. To put it simply the only things we really change are hair color and style. Face color and Eye color. The rest is practicly the same face over and over again.

It's sad that ADA didn't became a proper ompanion. Ada is so far the nicest of all Companions and I rather have her with me than everybody else.

i have him on fallout shelter

Why dose every other white guy look like Father?

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