Fall out shelter How too part 2

This is a multi part video on how I am building and stocking the fall out shelter. Keep in mind iv never built nothing and I am learning as I go. With very little money it is hard to get this shelter done and stocked so im doing just alittle at a time


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Very informative vid!

Hey man! I like your video! You sound like my kinda guy! I built my own shelter on a shoestring budget, but built it with the more expensive parts and had to farm out laborers. I'm planning to start a new channel soon about mostly cooking with food storage in a limited space like a fallout shelter, and doing taste test reviews. Will I do gun stuff, first aid stuff, and other random stuff? Sure! It's YOUtube...or in other words MEtube. It's about doing stuff that YOU are interested in. Thanks for this post. By the way, what's your ceiling made of?

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