Elderly STD Outbreak Game like Fallout Shelter Life in Bunker Gameplay Early Access

Life in Bunker Gameplay is back!I just got a Life in Bunker Early Access Key from the developers! If you want a game like Fallout Shelter for PC - Life in Bunker gameplay will come close. Show your support for a Life in Bunker gameplay series below with a thumbs up - thanks dudes!This game is like fallout shelter PC or fallout shelter steam version!In this episode of Life in Bunker Gameplay we slowly adjust to well...life in bunker. Except things go critical when the population ages. What will AdamBomb do to save the day? Can he save the day? Find out by watching!Life in Bunker Gameplay Early AccessLife in Bunker Steam Link - http://store.steampowered.com/app/401690Life in Bunker Release Date:February 25thLife in Bunker Trailer:http://store.steampowered.com/app/401690/?snr=1_5_1100__1100Twitter: twitter.com/adambombchannelFacebook: facebook.com/adambombchannelInstagram: instagram.com/adambombchannelSnapchat: adambombchannelPeach: adambombLife in Bunker Guide:Life in Bunker is a sandbox bunker-building simulator. You've been elected as the new Bunker Warden! Now you must take control over a group of fellow bunker residents and try to make them last until the surface becomes habitable. The task however is not trivial. The underground life is difficult, full of danger and the residents will heavily rely on your wise, sometimes not so wise, decisions. One wrong step can put the entire Bunker on the brink of extinction. So, manage wisely, spend you resources carefully and your bunker will prosper. Channel Banner provided by:LoneRiderBeasthttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAYZ2yQdMdH-fzOHBDjFsggOutro Music Provided by:Tobuhttps://soundcloud.com/7obu


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your vids are the best keep up the good work

Good video. Keep it up!!

yo bunka luk gud mah boy:-)

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If I made a multiplayer golf game with mor maps would you guys play it xD that was such an entertaining 2 part series.

I subbed to you before i did to weasel and when I saw your name as the black ball I was so happy! Great golf skills btw bro. been a subscriber for a good 8 months now

hole the move isnt too stressful adam...

hey adambomb I just subbed you have potential. at least in my opinion, but don't pay attention to people don't think so.

hey adam bomb have you heard of cursing with curtis? you should collab with him


where are you going to move?

ehm hello anybody?

You are the best at golf

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