Easy LunchboxesCapsand loot Fallout Shelter Tutorial

Sorry for not following my schedule I've had a really rough time recently! Hopefully you guys liked this video!


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oh well never mind then

@speedHD or you if your running a Android you can root your Android and download something called lucky patcher and then open find fallout shelter and click it press inapp emulation and click the first two then click OK make sure not to tap the screen leave it for a bout two minutes or so and a thing will pop up saying leave or run the app your going to want to press run complete the tutorial and go into but lunch boxes then click on how many you want then a menu will pop up with three options click all of them then press ok and you have your self lunchboxes there is also an app on the playstore that does not require root called vault editor you can change your number of caps spawn in settlers or legendary settlers an other things.

I used to do this trick on zombie cafe.

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