Custom Fallout Shelter - GTA 5 MOD

Support me on the Road to 500k Subscribers! - map mod! Makes a custom fallout shelter in GTA V! Let me know what you guys think about this shelter! Would love to see some more locations Download Mod Media:Twitter - - - Channel -


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Gta 5 would be the best zombie game

Lets call let Vault 454

swiper no swiping lol

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Man where do you get this mods???

The army trucks are called insurgents

who else thought of the game metro while watching this

Elanip do you play call of duty advanced warfare

Nice mod

You don't deserve those 300K subscribers

Insergent pickup

No pickup insergent

I remembered you, when you had 1,000 subs playing gta 4 :).

there called insurgents

And what was on the other Side of all those crappy rocks???

3 mins of this 5 min video is just him running down a tunnel

if I get to 10 subscribers I will post a gta v video

1:37 and another one bites the dust

I see the methlab is gone and the scientists are just.... idling??? sorry fix it in the next update

do a few fallout videos

That's not a shelter that's like a noob base

do more fallout

looks great mod gotta try soon

For the record to everyone saying that this isn't a fallout shelter, that's pure bullshit actually, a fallout shelter can be anything isolated or a shelter for people on the run. When people think of "fallout shelter" they think about the typical vault entrances or the vault complex, neither of that exists in gta v so dont blame me for your judgement and expectations on peoples work. I want to say thank you to Elanip for uploading and the people supporting it. :)

Can you do more videos with script mods , player mods and vehicles mods because most of the t time you do just map mod videos. Keep up the good work !

you sir have obviously never played a fallout game

That bike guy have some nice skill


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