CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Fallout Shelter - Google Play GameFest

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Комментарии к видео CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Fallout Shelter - Google Play GameFest


i knew he would choose gmod, also BANANAS

Adam. Your hairline

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Nice tower you have there would be a shame if someone knocked it down

8:23 "You're playing a dangerous game Adam!"

What headset does nanners use?

8:53 nanners is the master of hilarious facial expressions

5:46 (Oh hi guys!) Welcome to EB games

I would bring CHEEZY Doodles instead of cheatsy doodle

play nanners laugh on 0.5 and 2x speed, sounds soooooo high

I see two towers, so where's the plane?

It's very relaxing 'till all of it falls on to you xD

Can I have the blocks?I use my other ones to build cqc fields for my legos, it's fun.

Plot twist: Photoshop the blocks in the video. It is a full proof plan I tell ya.

I'm really glad Sark was the friend

*Mista Sur. Seriously though, hit me up dude

What channel started the game fest?

Read first vault dweller's name as "Jack Hole."

8:33 and there's the Adam laugh

PLAY chicken horse

Dear, Adam Having gone back and watched many of your older videos, I noticed that you seem much happier and healthier. I'm glad to see people with such large hearts, living happy lives

Sounds like you're appealing to 12 year olds...again

5:17Adam did 9/11

You should do a live stream of fallout or just play and make a series out of it :D

Well now I need some blocks.

Hahahahahahahahaa lots of blocks

I don't know why but I think that nanners will be a great father

Fallout Town = Vault City o:

for some reason, when i sat down, i tried my hardest not to shake the desk so that the tower wouldn't fall over. thanks brain for not realizing that its on a video.

His face and laugh makes mme mad idk why

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