Bethesda Is Going Mobile

According to Todd Howard and IGN Bethesda plans to make more mobile games. This is most likely do to the major success of the Bethesda's mobile game Fallout Shelter. Bethesda did a great job with Fallout Shelter and their is no doubt in my mind that Bethesda will release another great mobile game. If I had to Speculate I think Bethesda's next mobile game would be released before their next big title like Fallout Shelter was released before Fallout 4. *Not my sponsors, Just awesome gaming products*I use ASTRO Headsets for all my gaming. They are very high quality gaming headsets. You can grab a pair here: https://www.astrogaming.comAll of the gameplay in this video was achieved using a Scuf controller. This is my favorite controller I use it every single day. check them out at: capture console gameplay with The Elgato HD60 or HD because it's the most professional device on the market for 1080p 60fps console capture.:*Leave a like it only takes a second**Subscribe, My videos are free**Music*Kevin Macleod :


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Can we get ten likes on this video ? Can we get to 2,500 subscribers?

Fallout shelter had me hooked for about a week but then a deathclaw came and killed everyone ??

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