Bethesda E3 Skyrim Fallout 4 Fallout Shelter Update News

Bethesda held their e3 conference on what to expect from Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout shelter, I cover it here.Music:As We March - Vindsvept


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Can you do a, how to install skyrim enb mods tutorial? I wanna install some enbs on my new gaming laptop

As a console player i am very excited for this, i remember me watching skyrim mod vids thinking wow i need a PC but now i don't theres like a whole new skyrim to play with new mods i am vv excited

Hey Howitzer how are you doing, I recently found out this article and I think you might be interested, keep up with the good work see you later

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Remastered Skyrim 'might' mean 64bit for the PC as well, and would thus include support for a newer version of DirectX. It could open up a lot of options in terms of the memory issues that plague 32bit Skyrim and so on.

so is skyrim remastered going to include all of the DLC content as well? id hate to by it seperate -_-

finally Skyrim for ps4 I'm so happy

I love Bethesda so much

man and I just retextured my skyrim oh well

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