A Very good start FALLOUT SHELTER 1


Комментарии к видео A Very good start FALLOUT SHELTER 1

I could help with plots if that means idear for ep if you want

for song idear what about    where in heven     monster      inpossibal     one thouthen years      Bruno mars when I was your man     Bruno mars marry you         hurt      my heart will go on      I don't no if some r rude or not I don't think they r thouth

you should have a roster for the series so pepolel can keep in date I don't no how hard it is if you do maby like every  thuday and monday or maby wensday and saterday just an idear keep in mind

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pleas rleply and pleas tell if the songs will be any help and if you like

you said you aredery fim it when is ep 5 4 6  I don't no what up to

pleas reply

hey pleas pleas make cora have demond moment and pleas she have crush on wild

I have lot story idear

chek out your last ep I put coment and on hannnah the nijar girlep 19 fight to the dead I leth idear pleas say if you see it pleas look at my coment and rlply to both coments I put on your channel

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