A Baby Is Coming Fallout Shelter Ep3

A baby is coming! In this episode of Fallout Shelter a dweller get pregnant! Leave you name suggestions in the comments section.Check out my last vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA_IVKTVT-g


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Make Another Clash Royale

Im Made A Video

One is Uploading

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I made you a new intro, and I'm going to render it for you.

Wizard can u ask ur mom if I can have a sleepover at ur house or if u want u can ask her if u can have a sleepover at my house

If the baby is a boy call it Rease The Sempi and if the baby is a girl call it Jena The Sempi

You should call the baby 'JOHN CENA' or 'Jeff'

What if no comments get likes

Actually do, Potato as the name

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